Learn salsa on a rooftop overlooking Havana Cuba

Dance on a private terrace with amazing views of Havana

Salsa is the soul of Cuba and where better to learn to dance salsa than overlooking the Havana skyline!

Salsa dance classes are held on a private terrace with beautiful unobstructed views of Havana. Learn the basic steps of salsa dancing to start and gradually we will progress you to the more complex salsa moves. Are classes are small and intimate and nobody ever dances alone so don’t worry if you don’t have a partner - we will pair you with the right dancer or instructor.

We organize transport and a car will collect wherever you are located in Havana. Enjoy the unique experience of dancing salsa above neighborhood rooftops of Havana Cuba. Join us in Havana by reserving your place on Airbnb Experiences and discover a whole new experience in Cuba.

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